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Facilitate sustainable solutions to today’s challenges in development by employing cutting-edge, contextually relevant tools and methods to impact durable change and impact.



At Sustainable Human Empowerment (SHE) Associates, we believe the fundamental component to sustainable development is human empowerment. Empowerment means people possess the confidence, motivation, skills, and systems to better their lives. It means people owning and leading change in their communities and countries.


Our approaches aim to develop and implement solutions which positively impact communities, societies and humanity as a whole. Whether it is working directly with governments, organizations, civil-society or not-for-profit organizations, our goal is to strategically advance development through projects, policies, tools, institutional structures and environments which enable progress.​


Gender equality, durable peace, inclusive governance and the effective realization of the rule of law are foundational elements for prosperous societies. However, lasting change cannot be achieved instantly. At SHE Associates we believe empowerment is truly a process. One which is unique to every situation, and so with every initiative we commit to provide expertise focusing on laying the right foundation for change – one building block at a time.


Sustainable Human Empowerment (SHE) Associates is a boutique international development consulting firm based in Canada, dedicated to impacting meaningful change in the pursuit of human development and success.
Our goal is to facilitate sustainable solutions to today’s challenges in international development. Whether at the local, national or international level, we employ relevant tools and methods necessary to impact lasting change.


The increasingly complex international development challenges of today require innovative, efficient and expert solutions. At SHE Associates we approach each initiative with a commitment to effectively deliver results and impact.
From strategic planning, to building your institution and community’s knowledge and capacity for leading change, to research, program design, management and evaluation, at SHE Associates we use informed and practical approaches to realize your goals.
From grassroots engagement to advocacy and policy improvements at national and international settings, our core thematic areas of engagement include gender equality, peace realization, the rule of law, justice and human rights.
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From policy briefs to resource documents. Stay tuned for updates coming shortly on our most recent publications and research.


SHE Associates is pleased to be sharing our latest work at a parallel event for the 2022 NGO CSW Forum!! Click below for more information and to register.